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starbitrary's Journal

9 April
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I live in Gainesville, Florida! The center of the universe, as far as I'm concerned. If you've ever been here, you know already what a vortex it can be. Trees, music, roots radicals and counter-culture sprouts, and an atmosphere of possibility. Being able to bike any and everywhere in the ville helps, too. I'm not moving elsewhere anytime soon.

I like hands-on crafts, projects, and activism. Swimming, biking, climbing/jumping over shit and rollerwhatevering are all neat, too.

My ultimate goal is to become a general practice doctor/medical professor advocating/teaching the healing powers of carbohydrate restriction with a more-fat, more-protein way of eating. "You teach, you teach, you teach!" But on the way, I intend to do amazing things, set goals and achieve, to live a life full of accomplishment, passion, and creation.